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Our first event, quite a success!

June 9, 2010

At the end of May, Weightloss Wardrobe held our first ever trunk show at the grand opening event of Success by Design’s new location.  The evening included healthy, low-carbohydrate options such as chicken salad enclosed in a parmesan cheese crust and many different flavors of delicious sugar-free cheesecakes.  The night also offered complimentary consulatations from their Permanent Makeup artist and discounts on Botox.

Women at the event had the opportunity to see Weightloss Wardrobe apparel first hand, to feel the stretch and comfort that each article of clothing has  to offer.  Below are some photos from the trunk show.


Success by Design’s new location at 9095 Belcher Road

Weightloss Wardrobe’s founder, Tammy Bratcher, in Madeline ruffle dress

Summer in her new, super trendy Diana rhinestone dress

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Great Exercises To Lose Weight

June 4, 2010

Step Aerobics burns about 800 calories an hour.  This exercise targets legs, hips, and butt.  An hour of step aerobics a day will ensure results in two weeks.

The elliptical machine burns about 600 calories an hour and provides great cardio that builds muscle and tones the stomach.

Exercise DVDs burn about 300-500 calories an hour.  This is a great option if you feel self-concious when going to the gym.  Find a high-energy DVD and do it once a day.  It will help you to lose weight, tone up, burn calories, and feel fitter.

With these exercises you will feel very comfortable in these black workout pants with this zip-up jacket that can be removed once you warm up.

Dancing, Jazzercise, etc. burns about 600-800 calories an hour.  Dancing targets the whole body and provides a great workout.  It is lots of fun and a great stress reliever.

Yoga burns about 200-400 calories an hour.  It unites the mind and body, promotes overall health, reduces stress, and increases flexibility.

Yoga pants are comfortable and practical for dancing and, of course, yoga.  They look great and stretch well when working to expand flexibility.  These blue yoga pants are trendy and will look great at the gym.

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Fashion Tips for Hourglass Shaped Women

May 10, 2010

Women who are hourglass shaped have a well-defined waist with fuller hips and bust.  This is sometimes thought of as the most preferable body type.  When selecting your wardrobe, choose clothing that enhances your features, and avoid loose fitting clothing that does not flaunt your shape.  Draw attention to your thin waist with belts or tops with a fitted waist.  Avoid empire tops which draw attention directly above your slimmest body area.  This blouse is great for hourglasses because it tightens around the waist.

Another idea is to wear darker colored bottoms and a lighter colored top.  This will emphasize the waist, while minimizing curves.  You can also choose a monochromatic outfit with a belted waist to balance the body and slim the figure, or wear a wrap dress like this one that is extremely flattering to your shape.

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Fashion Tips for Oval Shaped Women

May 5, 2010

Full figured, or oval shaped women, gather most of their weight in their midsection.  It does them well to create the illusion of more curves.  This can be done in many ways, for example wearing lower cut or V-neck shirts that will draw the eye to the bust line, elongate the body, and slenderize the neck.  Ovals should avoid tighter fitting tops that will only showcase a large stomach.  Turtle necks and clothing with large busy prints around the body shape should also be avoided because they bring attention to the heaviest part of the body.  This loose-fitting top is very flattering to ovals.  It ties around the waist and has a low-cut neck line to slim the body.

Fitted or pencil skirts accentuate legs and bring the eyes away from the stomach area.  Midrise pants are preferable to cargo pants because they give you a fuller figure.  Clothing with a belted waist is also always beneficial to narrow the waistline of oval shaped women.  This outfit is perfect.  The short skirt shows off great legs, and the belted shirt camouflages belly fat.

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The Perfect Jeans For Your Shape

May 3, 2010

The most difficult part of the wardrobe always seems to be finding pants that fit just right.  Finding comfortable jeans that do not gap in the back while still being fashionable can be a tricky job, but we have solved it for you!  With new Cello jeans, you will no longer have these issues.  Women who are oval shaped will love straight waist jeans, like this pair with pockets that are embellished with silver gem stones and stitching.

Straight waist jeans are perfect for triangle shaped women too.  These jeans have really cool gold stitching and are very flattering for your body type.

Inverted triangles will look their best in low rise jeans like these.  The sexy dark wash is very slimming, the black leather accented pockets are high-fashion, and the boot cut style looks great.

Hourglass body types should show off their curves with curvy jeans.  These dark wash, boot cut jeans have leather embellished back pockets with fashionable studding and black stones.

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Fashion Tips For Inverted Triangles

April 27, 2010

We like to classify women who are top heavy as inverted triangles.  With the majority of body weight being distributed to the top half of the body, inverted triangles should give the illusion of a smaller waist and a more elongated look.  This can be done by wearing wrap tops, clothing with a cinched waist, and V-neck tops.  Wide belts worn along the waist and low-rise pants also create a lean body image.  Try to avoid tight bottoms because they will only accentuate top heaviness.  Instead, opt for flared, bootcut, or wide-leg pants.  Shorter skirts are great for inverted triangles because you can show off great legs.  This mini skirt is super cute for flaunting beautiful legs.  Paired with a tunic style shirt would make a perfect slimming outfit.

This purple wrap dress makes inverted triangles look lean and is practical for work or for fun.  The V-neck cut and knee length dress show-off all of your best features.

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Fashion Tips For Triangle Shaped Women

April 26, 2010

Triangle shaped women, or ladies who gain weight primarily around the waist, hips, and thighs, should accentuate the top half of the body to draw attention away from the heavier areas.  Triangles should avoid anything too tight, such as mini-skirts, and instead select an A-line or more loose fitting skirt.  Bottoms that are patterned or pants with large cargo pockets, excessive zippers, or other details that draw attention to the hip area should all be avoided.  Dark colored bottoms offer a much more slimming look for the bottom heavy woman.  Light-weight, loose-fitting shorts and straight leg or boot cut pants are perfect for triangles as well.  As stated before, attention should be brought to the leaner top half of the body.  Sleeveless or strapless dresses and tops are great to play up pretty arms and shoulders.  This little black dress creates a thin look and with an asymmetrical gold chained sleeve on one side, the focus will be directed immediately to the favorite parts of the body.

This dress is also very flattering to triangle shaped women because the waist down is black, once again offering a slimming look, and the top of the dress is patterned, which draws attention up.

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How To Dress For Spring Activities

April 21, 2010

Spring brings great additions to social activities.  Now that the weather is perfect, pool parties are in full swing, and baseball is in season, there is lots to do, and you need to know what to wear!  When spending a day at a beach, pool, or barbeque, you will be best to dress in something casual that will do well when the sun is at its prime.  This dress is light and stretchy, super cute and comfortable for a day out with family or friends.

Being one of America’s favorite sports, baseball is terrific fun in the sun.  The perfectly designed baseball uniforms and the aroma of hotdogs cooking makes it a fun atmosphere for spring.  This dress will be a grand slam for your day in the stadium.  The ruffled look is really in right now, and this is the season for bright floral prints.

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Health And Weightloss Tips

April 19, 2010

Healthy living may prove challenging at times, but there are easy adjustments that can be made to help.  Diet and exercise should be combined and consistency must be maintained for best results.  By making simple changes, such as opting for unprocessed foods, these small actions will all add up to improve the big picture.  Stay away from processed and bleached foods, for example:  white sugar, white rice, and white bread.  Keeping a daily food diary also proves to be very helpful.  Write down everything that you consume throughout the day, including water.  Studies have shown that by maintaining a record of your food intake lessens the amount you eat, and it also provides a good way to reflect on daily eating habits.

When it comes to working out, find someone who is better at fitness than you to train with.  This will motivate you and possibly supply you with new exercises and stretches.  While at the gym, do cardio before weights.  Advantages from this routine include increased metabolism and energy expenditure.  After the gym, do not weight yourself; instead use a tape measure to judge the success of your workouts.

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What’s In For Spring 2010

April 15, 2010

After months of a frigid winter, spring has finally arrived.  This means that it’s time to break out fashions equivalent to the weather:  light and sunny.  Yellow will be among the most popular colors of the season.  Pastel yellows will be in higher demand than bright yellow.  This pale yellow dress will be perfect for a picnic in the park on a beautiful spring day.

Prints such as bold geometic patterns and animal prints will be hot this season.  By offering stretch, comfort, and patterns that are all the rage, this dress will be great for a day with the kids or a night out with the girls.

Blazers are really in right now, and they provide a simple way to look chic on a cool night.  The style is to wear it slightly oversized and with the sleeves rolled up.  This blazer is light and comfortable, and it is belted to create a leaner look around the waistline.

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